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Al Hayball aka 'Badlydrawnman' and Eleonore

Caricaturist and Wildlife Artist

At Craft Fairs and Art Shows, Alan can be seen drawing 'on-the-spot' Caricatures.

Marilyn Monroe caricature, Some like it hot,

Jamie Oliver caricature, celebrity chef, Bruce Willis caricature, Yippee ki Yay, Amy Winehouse, caricature,

Wayne Rooney caricature

Wayne Rooney

Kate Moss caricature

Kate Moss

Cristiano Ronaldo caricature

Cristiano Ronaldo

Jordan aka Katie Price caricature

Katie Price (aka Jordan)

David Beckham caricature

David Beckham

Elton John caricature

Elton John

Fiona and Steve


Isabelle and Andrew

horsewoman by al hayball
Horse Woman
married couple cutting the cake
Uninvited Guests?

'umpire' by al hayball


Golf caricature
'Bridie the Irish Pastry Cook
Bridie the Irish Pastry Cook
'sarah and paul' by al hayball