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' Square Cows '
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David Bowie, David Moowie,  Moonage Daydream, The Cow that sold the world, The Moo that fell to Earth, The thin white duke,

'The Return of the Thin White Duck'

The David Bowie Cow.
'Freaked out in a Mooonage day dream?...Maybe this is the 'Moo' that fell to earth or the 'Moo' that sold the world,...but do watch out for the the return of that 'Thin White Duck.'

red wine cow, cabernet, shiraz,

'Cowbernet 2015'

'Cowbernet 2015'...soon to be come a vintage year for the red wine cow. Available as a limited edition print.

dark side of the moon, dark side of the moo, pink floyd,

'Dark Side of the Moo'

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the release of the classic Pink Floyd Album, 'Dark Side of the Moon', a new Al Hayball Cow painting is available as a limited edition print!

Shiraz, Shiraz cow,


Another Wine Cow..Soon We'll have a whole cellar full!


The Chianti cow,...Is it half full or half empty?

union jack, great british cow, uk beef,

'The Great Britsh Cow'

Cow artist al hayball presents square cows! ...'The Last of the MOOhicans?'..This could be the last of al hayball's Square Cow paintings, before I get too obsessed...or is it to late for that? I'm told I must go on to tackle Ducks and Chickens..(keep your eye on the farmlife page!)
This is the patriotic Great British Cow, that represents the endless optimism of your typical inhabitant of the UK in the face of adversity...Anyone know what the ducks represent?

skinny latte, cowpaccino,

'The Skinny-Latte Cow'

The most innocent member of the alan hayball cow family,'the skinny latte cow, producing various trendy coffee types. Perhaps would go well with the american blues cow? ...."you looking at me?" - Cow Paccino. ..Lots of other examples here of colourful cows, square cows, with a liberal drop of various colourful beverages!..COW ART.

Red cow, red wine cow, cowbernet or cabernet cow,

'Red Wine Cow'
( Cowbernet Sauvignon )

Red Wine Cow - the more grapes she eats and ferments the more cowbernet wine she produces.

orange cow, champagne cow, cow art, square cow,

Champagne Cow

Champagne Cow - the cream of all wine cows, will have you fizzing with expectation.

moomite cow, still life with daisy, green cow,

'Still-Life with Daisy'

'Still-Life with Daisy - I opened the fridge and there she was!..Daisy the Cow with a pot full of daisies, so i thought i would do a painting and thankfully 'Daisy' was happy to pose!

moulin rouge, french cow, redwine cow,

Moolin Rouge

Moolin Rouge, the french wine cow, straight from the Stage at the 'Moulin Rouge!'

American blues cow, blues, USA cow, JD, Jack Daniels, Bourbon, whisky.

The American Blues Cow

The American Blues Cow. What can you say?... The coolest cow in the herd.

cocktail cow, green cow, minty cow,

Cocktail Cow

Cocktail Cow - After too much 'creme de menthe', the cocktail cow realised it was time to redress the colour balance with some more delightful concoctions.

cow caricature, stot cow, guiness cow,

Stout Cow

Stout Cow - Balancing a pint of Guiness on her head was the stout cows way of relaxing. It looks like the long-nosed-horse cloud formations seem to be queueing up to have a slurp.

cows on a beach

'Cows and Pixies'

At Dusk in a secret cove on the north coast of Cornwall, the cows stumble down the cliffs to feed on the sea-kelp, only to be teased by the pixies that live under the rocky outpost.

'glastonbury cows' by al hayball

'Glastonbury Cows'

Glasto Cows are always seen before and after the festival wearing their fashionable green wellies.

'floating milk maid with cow' by al hayball

Floating milk maid with cow

Floating across the meadows is a much smoother and angelic way to take the cows to the milking sheds.

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