al hayball, alan hayball, artist, wildlifeart, pencil art,



'Hare of the Dog'' - A/P

hares a drink, hares, winw,

''Hare's a little drop of wine, Mother'' L/E

'Ear's a Tweet!'

hare art, pencil art,

'Scarlett O'Harer L/E

whats up doc?, hare ink drawing,

'what's up Doc?' L/E

butler hare, hare art,

' Butler Hare' L/E

hare colour painting, overlooking fields,

'Pondering Hare' L/E

Twitter, hare art, hare and wren,

' Who's Twitterin' on Ear?' L/E

hares, hare on beach, wish you were hare,

'Wish you were Hare' -L/E

'Copper Eyed Joe' L/E

'' We're all Ears' -L/E

'Monty!' -A/P

'Moon Eye' -A/P

lop eared, rabbit, hare

'Lop Ears' -L/E

hare illustration, hare portrait,


hare, lying, hare lying down,

'Hare, Lying' -L/E

moon bathing hares,

'Moon Bathing' -L/E

dancing hares, dancing in the moonlight, pencil,

'Dancing hares' -L/E

hopping hare by al hayball, pencil study,

'Hopping Hare' -L/E

Archie the hare,

'Archie' -L/E

Albert the hare,

'Albert' -A/P

astonished hare painting,

'Astonished Hare' -L/E

watching hare painting, acrylics, print,

'Watching Hare' -L/E



'By a whisker' -L/E