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Limited Edition Prints ( run of 95 ) or Artist Proofs ( A/P, run of 10 ) all £69 each.

'Weasel on a Worthog'- A/P

horse whisperer, horse art, pencil study,

'The Horse Whisperer'- A/P

'Lunchtime for Jay' - A/P

'Bertie' -A/P

'Young Hind'-A/P


An Urban fox I found sat on the compost heap in my
garden.Looking into her eyes, I imagine she is thinking:

'Leave me in peace, I am resting.
Its daytime and I have a long night ahead of me,
I am cold and trying to warm myself through the compost heap and the rays of the weak winter sun.
Tonight I shall have to work hard to find food, to get me through the night,
Whether it be discarded takeaways, berries, worms or even a mouse, it'll be a scavenge.
Please leave me in peace, I can't help being a fox.'

(A countryside fox lives over 12 years urban fox survives for only 2-3years.)

'Otter-Hugs' LE

Otters, 'They love a cuddle!'













'Winter Nights'

'Hair of the dog'

the hare and hound, blue dog, hengistbury head,

'The Hare and Hound over Hengistbury Head'

OK, There may not be any blue hounds, roaming over Hengistbury Head, but as David Hockney might say: ' The colours are there if you just look for them!'














baby badgers, badger art by al hayball,

'Baby Badgers'