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''The Red Hot Chili Dog'

'Red Hot Chilli Dog!'
This is a little offbeat painting compared to my other dog pictures.
The 'Red hot chili dog', here seen cooling down with a cold mexican beer, 'Grrrrrrona' Extra! If you are ever in a very hot country, keep your eye out for this most unusual breed of dog.

'The Red Wine Cat'
(Catbernet Sauvignon)

Following the great success of 'the red wine cow', There had to be the follow up in the form of the red wine cat!

sheep art

Sheep-Day Landings

Raft of sheep art

A Raft of Sheep

hare running art


hare art

A Hare at Rest
'dreaming of tuna' by al hayball
Dreaming of Tuna
'contented cat' by al hayball
Contented Cat

'a heap of sheep' by al hayball

'A heap of sheep'

the hare and hound, blue dog, hengistbury head,

'The Hare and Hound over Hengistbury Head'

OK, There may not be any blue hounds, roaming over Hengistbury Head, but as David Hockney might say: ' The colours are there if you just look for them!'



'Winter Nights'

'Hair of the dog'

cat on beach
'Sugar-mice dreams'
'A cat amongst the poppies'
'A cat amongst the poppies'

Summer nights

Dancing Frogs

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