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fish art, mackerel, three little fishes,
'Mackerel' - L/E
hunky dory, john dory, fish, david bowie,
'Hunky Dory' (John Dory's lesser known but more colourful brother.)

'Mr Blue-Claws'

'Blue Snapper'

'Sea horses of Studland Bay'

'Mermaid, dreaming'


'Catch of the day'

'allotments at Beer, Lyme Regis'


mousehole devon

sheep art

'The Sheep saw the Smugglers'

A Fizz on the beach

Poole Quay  naive painting
'The Quay ' - also this painting is known as ' Duck down the alleyway '. It may not be until you purchase a print you will realise why!

galleon art


ship painting

'Homeward Bound'

Waiting at the Point

Island Dreams

' southseas' by al hayball

'South Seas' (landscape)

Not many people are aware that Southsea in the late 14 hundreds was a quite popular holiday resort for the French, who would cross the channel in their wood-burning boats and visit our english chateauxs.

'Southseas' framed by al hayball

'South seas' ( portrait version, frame not included)

the visitor by al hayball

'The visitor'

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